Making Money Online

If you have ever typed ‘making money online’ into a search engine you will probably be familiar with the vast number of get rich quick sales pitches out there relating to affiliate marketing schemes, networking marketing and pyramid schemes. You’ve maybe browsed through them and reviewed them to see if they are a scam and then gone about the rest of your day. The truth is that it can be tough to make money online and requires a huge amount of work and effort. Nobody ever said that making money is easy! However, there are some basic methods for making some cash online for those willing to put the work in. If you can find a niche, build a site and add value in the long term you could be on to a winner.

Here are some ideas as to how you could begin to make money online. You probably won’t be joining the rich list any time soon but this could be the start of something.

  • Write and sell an e-book. A lot of work here, especially on the writing front, and the market is becoming saturated in several topic areas but this shouldn’t put you off. A good ebook will sell thousands of copies and bring you in some nice extra income.


  • Build an app. You will need some technical ability and know how for this but if done well it has the capacity to bring you in some welcome passive income.


  • Join Upwork or 99 Designs and sell your professional services


  • Start that blog that you’ve been meaning to put together. A blog can be put together in an afternoon and if you put the time into building your readership and creating high quality content that people are actually interested in reading you can draw a significant revenue through advertising. Mind you, I’m still waiting for that to happen on the Rich List Blog…


  • Sell your used items on Ebay


  • Rent out your rooms through AirBnB. More and more people are getting on board with this one. It’s more work than others and involves offline work as well as online, but it wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for the internet.


  • Creative selling! If you are creative sell through Etsy


  • Sell through Shopify


  • Become a YouTuber. This is a long term game and you will need to be confident in your channel and build your niche but it has the capacity to make you a lot of extra revenue if you can build your views.


  • Write Articles for Other Sites. Some pay more than others and you shouldn’t expect to earn your fortune through writing for the standard sites out there but if you can make your name as a ghost writer or write articles for well known blogs or online magazines you may be able to earn more than you’d think.


Please let me know if something else has worked for you in terms of making money online. This blog is about sharing the things that have made people successful to try and understand success and wealth.