A brief introduction to…Amancio Ortega

Ortega is a Spanish businessman and the wealthiest retailer in the world. He is the founder of Inditex which is perhaps best known for its Zara brand. It was from an early age that Ortega gained his hand in the fashion business when, as a teenager, he began a job for a shirtmaker in A Coruña, making shirts by hand, learning the hard way. Zara began from a single shop base, which he opened with his wife in 1975. Unbelievably since then his business has grown to over 6000 stores and he employs 92,000 people worldwide.

Ortega is famous for being incredibly private and has reportedly only ever given interviews to three journalists. He is said to be a very humble man who eats with his employees as well as working alongside them as much as possible.

Ortega has been so successful probably because he focuses on the simplicity of business aims: giving customers what they want as quickly as possible. Indeed, Zara stores change their stock twice a week and they monitor what their customers like and really want.

This model is likely to continue to prove successful as Ortega grows older. He is showing no signs of retiring with sales booming and the company ever growing. Truly the billionaire mindset.