5 Steps towards your first million dollars

Not everybody puts having money at the top of their priority list. Many of us simply want to find contentment in what we do and we don’t need riches and riches to be satisfied. However, money is still important in everyday life and if you don’t have it this can be a problem. If you asked 100 people what would be on their list of things to achieve in life if they could do or have anything ‘having a million dollars’ or ‘becoming a millionaire’ would surely feature on the lists of many.

What do you need to do though to stride towards your first million dollars?

1) Invest, don’t spend

How tempting is that pair of shoes, or that fancy new phone or that new car? Very? Are you the kind of person who will spend regardless? Think again. If you want to build up your cash reserves you need to save and invest in sensible things that will hold their value. This will move you towards that million dollar aim far more quickly than you might get there otherwise.

2) Understand what other people want and help them achieve that

Often if you help others get what they want they will want to help you in some way and fortune will come your way in the end.

3) Choose one thing, master it and do it better than anyone else

Those who are the most financially successful tend to be a master in that one thing that they have specialised in. They do it better than anyone else and therefore their skill set or product is in demand. Fortune takes time to build up. Use that time wisely.

4) Build a routine and plan towards success

If you find a strategy that works and do it again and again and again then you will see progress. Fortune takes time and hard work but if you stick at it in a particular way then success will soon be with you.

5) Understand your progress

In order to improve your financial situation you need to understand what it is that you are doing well (and do more of that) and what you are doing not so well (and do less of that). It’s like going to the gym and tracking our weight. We then know how to improve our situation and when we do well it also spurs us on to do more.


What makes people successful?

Welcome to the first proper blog post on the Rich List Blog. As you are reading it, I want to say thank you. As a new blog it’s always difficult to get things off the ground and build your readership. Trust me, I have started many blogs in the past. Some have worked and some haven’t worked so well. There are many things that make a good blog post and usually readers want to discover something that they didn’t previously know, find out a fact or short piece of information they can recall to their mates or build a connection with the blogger. As you’re here you, like me, you are probably fascinated by what has made the richest people in the world as wealthy as they are. What is it about their mindset that has driven them to succeed? Yes, many of them have lost along the way but they remain determined to carry on and succeed.

Why are some people in life simply more ‘successful’ (and we’re talking money and power here) than others?

In my view, and I expect this to maybe change and develop as I (and you) discover more about the wealthy elite, there are several key things that lean people towards success.

Drive and determination

Successful people are driven to succeed and remain determined to fulfil whatever their aim is.


Successful people focus on a goal and work towards that goal without distractions or doubts.


There is always a certain amount of wishing to be, do or have something slightly more than at present.


Passionate people often drive success as they get really in to what they are doing and thus usually bring people along with them. We all want to be around passionate people.


Successful people have an inner flame within them. Sometimes this leans towards arrogance, and you can still be successful and arrogant, but truly successful people usually fire this confidence in such a way that people gravitate towards it and success comes their way.

Great communication

It is often the good communicators in this world who get what they want. They are able to see a vision and attract people towards it. We all want to listen to great communicators. It is something unwritten that draws us towards them. We also pay a good deal of attention to what is not being said as well as what is coming out of their mouth.

They have a balanced life…most of the time

Now, this isn’t always the case, but generally their personal, work, spiritual and physical lives are all in pretty good shape which enables them to push further and succeed in all areas. They are determined to push forward and achieve what they want to achieve in all areas.

They surround themselves with other successful people

It’s true. Success often emanates success and when we are around others who work for success that drives us to succeed as well.

There are of course other things, but these I think are core to what drives success. If you can work on any of them you are likely to become more successful in life as well. Thanks for reading. As it’s going to take a while to get this blog off the ground I’d really appreciate if you could follow it, suggest it to your friends and networks and also please let me know if there are any topics or people you would like me to research and write about?